craft beers brewed at brasserie du dauphiné


100% natural and brewed with the water of the Alps, they highlight the good products of the Dauphiné terroir: nuts, fir, hemp, plants of the Chartreuse mountains, honey …


A heat wave? The Alps are refreshing! The Mandrin know-how is concentrated in these simple and refreshing recipes. World-renowned beers with their World Beer Award silver medals.

the NOBOW beers

Need for adventure? The Nobow is for you. Brewed with passion, it invites you to takeoff your bowtie, break the codes and go to the unknown…are you really ready?

GRENOBLE craft beer

Brasserie du Dauphiné is a craft brewery from Grenoble. Fruit of my passion for good ales, it’s also the achievement of a dream: bring a revival of the brewing tradition of Dauphiné and restore Grenoble’s beer, after 50 years of absence. Indeed the Grenoble brewery La Frise (where my grandparents  used to work back in 1940-41) closed in 1955…

..Come visit us at the brewery

From the bar-shop of our brewery, you will get a view on the brewing / fermentation room and the beautiful beers coming out of it!

The Mandrin ales, the beers of the Alps and the Nobow beers have all been designed, brewed and bottled here…

The rapid growth of our production does not give us time for guided tours anymore

Louer un tireuse

draft beer for my party

For a party, a wedding, or any event, choose draft beer! Our Alpine beers are available in 30 liters keg (around 120 glasses), Mandrin and Nobow in 20 liters keg (around 80 glasses). You will get the draft beer cooler fitting your needs and we will train you too use it. You be charged only used kegs. Contact us for a quote.